This May for Mental Health Month, I’m encouraging people from all walks of life to participate in the #BestSelfChallenge.

The fact is, suicide is the third leading cause of death amongst teens in the US. Think about it —the third leading cause of death among teens. And in the UK, parliament appointed a minister of loneliness to address the nine million people who reported feelings of loneliness. Let’s show people they are not alone in dealing with these struggles and create a world where we feel free to discuss our vulnerability in a safe and open environment. Everyone, no matter how “healthy” they are, deals with internal battles.  

Coach Mike’s #BestSelfChallenge is a fun and easy exercise in which you define your Best Self (all of the positive attributes and qualities that make up the core of who you are; i.e.- compassionate, brave, loyal, loving, creative) and your Anti Self (your inner critic, that provokes you and that gets in the way of your Best Self by focusing on negative qualities; i.e.- fearful, doubtful, anxious, angry), in a side by side drawing. 

Now it's your turn!

Get creative and tell us about your Best & Anti-Self. Give them a name and list out the qualities that are unique to each persona. 


1) Share a side by side image of your Best & Anti self on social media

2) Tag @coachmikebayer in the photo

3) Include the hashtag #bestselfchallenge

4) Tag 3 friends, including someone that inspires you to join in!

The Best Self Challenge Starts 5/1/19